Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sick Day

My 2.5 year old, *Asher woke up to a beautiful sunny day and said "Wake up mommy, it's a lovely day!" and "Wake up baby *Gavan, it's a lovely day!"  Daddy thought he'd get into the conversation and said "Yeah Asher, it's a SICK day"  Sick is a slang for really awesome?  Cue the tears "No I don't want it to be a sick day."  I could've killed my husband, right then and there!!!  I had a happy, lovey dovey baby and he ruined it by using the English language incorrectly!!!  
With that said, it truly was a "sick day" in that the boys and I have colds!  Go figure!!!  

* I plan on doing posts to introduce my little men, but just haven't found enough time to do it yet!  soon though!!!

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