Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear Brain- Go to Sleep It's Bed Time!

Thoughts for The Day....

A.M.   Coffee is coffee, but I want the good stuff - my mother, who lives about 365 miles away, and I both had to use random coffee this a.m. instead of our regular stuff! I will redeem todays cup tomorrow by treating myself to Amelia's on Main St. 

 I need a coffee fairy in my life!

I know fog is just part of living by the coast- but come on!!! I was way too cold when I woke up! Note to self.... where a shirt to bed!

Do cupcakes count as breakfast?

AFTERNOON     Blog addiction is setting in! But what shall I write about, hmmmm?  I was happy that the baby napped and my big guy watched some cartoons on Noggin so that I got to do my Survival Skills entry.  

We were lazy.  Caffeine lunch for mommy, "spot" dog for big guy (hot dog with ketchup polka dots), and some cuddly nursing for little man.

P.M.   The baby and I went into work for part of a closing shift.  Didn't get much done with the baby attached to my hip, but feel I made some progress.  Daddy and my big guy went to check out the construction being done on the skate park @ the beach.  I'll have to wait until Monday, when daddy takes the kids, so that I can actually get some stuff done @ work!  If only I had a 25th hour in my day :) 

Hating my hair cut!  I cut 3 inches off, but it needs layers!  It feels really good and looks healthier though, I needed to get rid of those scraggly hairs, but feel the bottom is too heavy.  I'll give it a few days and style it a few ways before I do anything else.  Self control= put the scissors down!

I got to see my sister, she was asleep on my bed when I got home from work.  Poor thing hasn't slept much in the past week.  18 hour days as a production coordinator.  I think they wrap the shoot tomorrow.  She was so happy to see the boys!  They love their auntie!  I miss my sister- memo to momma: schedule sister time STAT!

WEE SMALL HOURS  Caffeine is great, but it's probably half the reason my brain will not turn off.  I've always been a night owl, I'm more creative this time of night.  But, I know I'll be exhausted come my early morning wake up call!  

Goodnight, sweet dreams and happy dreams! 

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