Sunday, April 26, 2009

All Wrapped Up

Pretty Party Packages
This weekend was Baby Sarah's 1st Birthday party.  We got her a sweet little dress with leggings, a fairy princess photo album (theme of the party), and a beautiful tea set.  I wanted to get really beautiful wrapping that coordinated with the party and our gifts.  What I wanted and what is actually available is totally on different levels.  
To say I like things that are aesthetically pleasing is an understatement.  I ended up getting some scrapbook paper and gluing it the back of plain wrapping.  The large box (center, top) I used different sized pieces of paper to make a patch-work effect.  I tied brown ruffled ribbon around it and topped it with three fabric daisies wired together.  I used floral tape for extra strength and to hide and sharp edges.
I made a pouch with a paper grocery bag and one full sheet of scrapbook paper (left)  I cut butterflies in the same color palette out and made them dimensional by attaching them with foam stickies.  Hot green ruffle ribbon finishes it off. 
I used the back side of plain wrapping paper and cut 12" x 12" scrap paper in half to make a 6" band to wrap around the center of this package (right) Two hot pink ruffle ribbons unify the 3 packages.
The envelope (center,bottom) has a thin wood plaque with a rose stencil and green lettering hand painted and glued on to it. The card, (top of package right) is a piece of floral vellum glued to folded card stock, stenciled with same stencil as the envelope.
OK- so, a lot just for a one year old's birthday- but it was  fun project for me and I know her mommy appreciated the attention to detail and time I spent.  It's the thought that counts right?


  1. Baylee these presents are adorable!

  2. Hi. Just found your blog. I love the photo of you pregnant at sunset. It's truly beautiful. I live by the sea too - but in England so it's not quite the same!

  3. Baylee, lonely fun creative and very thoughtful keepin with the theme. You little thanks for sharing. now we work on the neverending card for Gavan's BD
    LOVE YOU, Mom