Sunday, June 28, 2009

They Need Us

Life has been crazy. I put two over-time weeks in at work. I haven't worked full time since before I was put on bed rest when I went into labor @ 26 weeks with my first baby. It was hard to leave the kids, even though they were with daddy. I feel I have to be there 24/7 to nurture, comfort, shelter, protect. It was a learning experience though. I learned I can leave them and they learned they are okay without me. But the best reward was coming home, knowing they missed me and that I am needed.

We went to the duck pond on one of my days off and had a picnic. I stopped to take a few pictures on our way out of the park and I paused to watch this momma duck gather her young underneath her. I felt connected to her, I know how it feels to just want to protect your children from the world, to fold my babies up in my wings and hold them close. She'll eventually teach them to fly and perhaps they'll live in a different pond, but for now- she is needed.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Favorite Photo of Me

A Game of Tag - Put You're Best Face Forward

Telle from Fat Mum Slim tagged StepfordDreams with this fun photo post.

It's really simple. I love how every photo tells a story. Some short stories, some long tales. I want to know what is your favourite photo of yourself. Everyone has one. The photo they look at and smile. It reminds them of something, some time, some place. A moment in time.So share the photo, share the story and then tag three other people. I want to see photos and stories all around the blogosphere.

I knew right away which photo I would use.  It's one from my second pregnancy taken at Venice Beach, CA.  I'm standing on the beach near the breakwater with Santa Monica in the distant background.  A light breeze is lifting pieces of my hair into the air. I'm holding my big, round belly and looking down in deep thought.

At that moment I felt so connected to my baby.  Overwhelmed with joy, excited to meet him and at peace with the world.  At this moment the only two people who mattered in the world were the two of us- mother and child.  A bond that started and will never be broken.  I feel so beautiful and feminine in this photo.  Healthy and full of life.  Yes, this is my favorite photo of me.

tag lovers- you're it:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Best Friend's Birthday

Happy Trisha Day Everyone

october 8, 2005 st. monica catholic church
santa monica, california
dress one of two

Today is my best friend Trisha's birthday!!!  Exactly 3 month after I was born, my BFF was born- 7 years later we were met while preparing for our First Holy Communions.  We went to separate elementary schools, and except for a birthday party or two, I didn't see much of her after our Communion.
Fast forward to 8th grade- poor girl changes schools, lucky me- we're reunited!!!  Reunited and it feels so good.... (you know you just sang along!)

SO... Basically we've been BFF since then- You obviously don't need a whole "yearbook signing" of a post so here goes:

Trisha- you have been a great friend all of these years.  We laugh, we cry, we dance, we sing, but mostly we just laugh.  Let's become little old ladies together!!!  Heck, I'll buy you your first purple jogging suit!!!  Here's to everything we've been through, everything we're going through and all that is to come.  I'll always be here for you, open arms, open ears, open heart.  I love you!

october 8, 2005 marina del rey, california
dress two of two

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just Us

Love my sweet guy!

Asher chose my head wear!!! Speed?  I am Speed!!!

sleep, sweet sleep!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Fun

So, I'm not one to post all the giveaways offered through other blogs, but this one is too cool to pass up!!!  I know that most of the people who read my little blog have children who would really like the Outdoor Toys offered in this giveaway.  Toys and Games Online is giving 1 of 3 great prizes away to one lucky reader over @ What's That Smell another fun mommy blog!!!  So check it out, enter and hopefully one of us is the winner!  We're gonna win the Step2- Extreme Coaster Rollercoaster and when we do you can all come play with us!!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Off The Hinges

A New Front Door Sheds Light on Love

My husband had put an old front door in our backyard.  I figured it would just sit there like many other projects.  But, it only sat for a week or two before he began the 3 day process that would become my fabulous new door.  

I know you may be thinking- woopty doo a new door- BORING.  But it was the thought and care he took in making the door not only fit into the old, un-squared frame, but that he took the time to make it a door I would love.  He primed and painted it a nice clean white on the exterior.  The white is great, it's fresh and crisp against the blue color.  We chose a blue  that's reminiscent of the deep water off the California coast.  I'm a huge fan of Catalina Island and love the different colors of water I've encountered during my many trips there.

I'm loving the window.  The glass is a little dated, but it lets in so much light that I don't even care.  Before the entrance was just a dark corner that wasn't very inviting.  I smile every time I leave the house.  I also like how the light shines through the window at night helping to light the front of the house even more which is nice when we come home after dark.

But my absolute favorite part of the door is the faux finish on the interior of the door!  My dear sweet husband used a distressing technique to give the door a very shabby chic appearance.  If I had time to actually sit down and decorate our house to my taste it would be Shabby Chic Beach Cottage.  The fact that he took the time to paint the door in a style that I like made me feel so special.  He could've just slapped some white on it and called it a day.  But he kept in mind my taste and design goals and painted that door for ME!!!  I am loved.

So, I got a new door, more light, and a "love note" written in faux finished paint.
Thanks honey- we love you!