Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a Jungle Out There....

It's a jungle out there so let's get prepared! 
Survival Skills

Rhino Momma- Tough skin.  People are going to say what they want to say and you can't let it bother you (even though we all do)!  Our first Easter with our older son was spent in a very hot, over crowded church, so to keep him comfortable I stripped him down to his onesie and he was happy.  Upon leaving a woman on the street approached me and said "He's gonna get cold, you need to put some clothes on that baby."  Um....? Excuse me! With a rude smirk on my face I said "Actually he's really warm thank you."  Looking back, I probably should have just smiled and said "OK" and let her go on her way and not given it a second thought.  My mother always says "Don't give 'em free rent in your head".  If we let these people get to us we waste our energy on negative thoughts, energy better spent loving our children.  So next time one of these "parenting coaches" lol, gives you their unwanted advice smile and hug your child and let them know you're doing just fine!

Tiger Momma- Move 'em out.  There are some situations you'll encounter where it's just best to get up and leave.  Momma tigers will pick there young up by the scruff of their necks and move them out of harms way.  There are a lot of reasons you might do this, most recently I did this while waiting for my aunt at an open air mall.  I had the baby in the stroller and my big boy was playing with two new toy cars.  An older boy approached and took one, threw it to the ground and started describing the accident as a bloody death.  It totally caught me off guard.  He told my 2.5 year old that he was 10 and bigger and that his fists say the didn't like him.  I didn't know what to do, I didn't see this obviously disturbed child's mother, so I just packed the boys up and left.  I wasn't comfortable in the situation so I took us out of it.   I probably would've said a little more to this boy and his mother if they were regular acquaintances, but didn't feel like a confrontation, that day at least!

Meerkat Momma- It's all Relative.  Meerkat's have a system set up with babysitters!!!  Usually older siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins :)  It's okay to ask for help.  One of my biggest God sends is my aunt.  She's wonderful with my boys and we have a great time out and about together.  Doing life's mundane little tasks like going to the pharmacy and paying bills, become a nice outing to chat and spend time with someone I love.

Lion Momma- Growl Power.  There is a time when confrontation is necessary.  If someone's going to get hurt or something is making you uncomfortable- speak up!!!  This can be anything from asking another kid to politely not throw sand or rocks to telling a creepy man to leave the park!  Most of the parks in our area have signs posted that adults that aren't with children are not allowed to be there.  If you feel your child is in danger you have my permission to go all crazy intense psycho woman!!!

Koala Momma- Cuddles and Hugs.  Oh the Koala (a marsupial not a bear), eat sleep and be merry.  If you're out and about with the kids chances are someone's gonna get cranky, things will get stressful and tears may ensue.  If you can, make sure the kids are well rested, if you're exhausted try to wait for re-enforcements so you're not starting your outing stressed, bring snacks or plan to eat @ a certain time and stick with it.  Stay on top of the hunger and exhaustion!!!  Nothings worse than a tired, hungry kid.  When in doubt- go home and nap!

I'm sure there are more- I will think about it and let you know....


  1. I love this, definitely a great read! It's awesome to see another fellow Californian using this blogger site to write write write! Looking forward to more! <3

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and voting for my friend! I really, really appreciate it!

  3. Hi Baylee
    Its crazy but i just feel like i know you. Gavan and I have the same birthday and you wrote me a very sweet note. I also am a mommy of 3 under 3. A boy dylan (just turned 3 in march), a girl Sasha (21 months) and a baby boy Jasper 5months yesterday.
    I also just started my blog of everything I'm doing besides being a mommy to the 3 most precious babies evvver! Would love for you to check it out. I thought of you so often that I would check facebook just for your posts. I hope everything is well. Talk to you soon