Monday, July 20, 2009

Please Pray for Jacob

I read about Jacob in the news paper at my parent's neighbors house. I held back tears, but couldn't help but feel for him and his family. The only connection I could make is that he was a student at the high school I graduated from. Later that evening, when my brother, and EMT, got home from a 12 hour shift I told him about it:

A group of teenagers were hanging out at the beach, they heard a loud sound and figured, it was *6/28/09, that it was a fire cracker. When a small fire broke out two of the boys went to put it out. Turns out, they were downed power lines and one of the boys was electricuted.

I'll never forget what happened next, I said "yeah, some kid named Jacob Kirkendall". He turned white, covered his face and said "no, no, no". I held my baby brother, his 6'2" frame dwarfing me by a foot. Even as a strong, full grown man, he'll always be my baby brother.
The connection to this boy was deeper, way deeper- he's also a Freeline kid. Freeline is a surf shop in Santa Cruz, family run and operated for the past 40 years. My parents worked there, I worked there, my brother worked there and so did Jacob. Freeline is more than a work place- it's family- Jacob is Family!

So, please- say prayers for Jacob's recovery, for his family and for his friends. Let's support them and keep positive energy flowing to Jacob!

thank you.

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