Saturday, July 11, 2009

Redwood and a Poppy

Ethnicity: Californian

*redwood tree, california poppy- my parent's front yard, dad's garden

A woman, who seemed a little- ok a lot off, walked into the bakery the kids, my aunt and I were in and commented on how beautiful my boys are. I thanked her, but before I could finish saying Thank You, she said "What nationality are they?" Huh? Um- a mix of a lot of great stuff and a quarter Austrian. She then skipped over to the next table and asked two teenaged boys the same question, but before she exited the building to do some interpretive dancing on the sidewalk I said, they're Californian. I feel more like a Californian than "white" or a "mutt". I think I'm going to start checking other on forms and if I'm given room to write in my ethnicity I'm going to write Californian!

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