Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Home Town Tourists

 I'm back- I promise.  I took a small, unintentional break from blogging due to life interfering with my new and most favorite hobby.  We had colds that lingered (I spent over 2 weeks covered in snot) and I've been busy getting back on track at work. So, if you can forgive me, please read on and look for updates!

The Santa Monica Pier

You never think to stop and do the things the tourists do when you're in your own home town.  I would never go out to Hollywood just to check out the Walk of Fame or photograph the Hollywood sign.  But, I love going to the Santa Monica Pier!  It's definitely on the tourist list of things to do.  The weekend is crazy out there!  I like to go mid-week and off season.  We recently went and rode the vintage 1922 Carousel.  It is so beautiful and the boys enjoy the ride.  It costs $1 for adults to ride and because of their ages the boys ride free. I think it's under 12 is $0.50.  It's a great deal compared to the $5 Ferris Wheel price we've paid.

They have a great arcade for older kids and $0.50 rides for the younger kids on the north and south sides of the arcade.  Asher likes the race car and Tonka Truck the best, but for about $3 we kept him entertained and happy.  Definitely don't eat on the pier- over priced pre-made frozen burger patty kind of fare! Not my thing!  Instead, check out Big Deans at the base of the pier.  Great burgers!  Secret tip- if you're a fan of grilled onions they'll gladly do it.  So yummy with their secret sauce.

Asher picked out a new hat last time we were there.  The child has eagle eyes.  All of a sudden he starting saying "Lightning McQueen Hat" my aunt and I looked at each other like "what"?  Sure enough, on one of the vending carts was a Lightning McQueen* hat, which we bought him- have you seen his face?  We're suckers!!

We had a great lazy afternoon in the sunshine and sea air.  It's a calming adventure close to home.  The kids have fun, the atmosphere is pretty stress free and we didn't spend a lot of money.  All in all, I enjoyed being a tourist in my own town!

*(for anyone who doesn't know= Lightning McQueen is a race car and main character in Disney's Cars movie.  If you haven't seen it- do!  We love Paul Newman as Doc Hudson and Asher quotes the tow truck named Mater- voiced by Larry the Cable Guy)