Thursday, May 21, 2009

Helping out the Me and Three Challenge

Always willing to help friends and family out- please check out the email below and take the 'Me and Three' networking challenge.
much love- B

Michael Madden here. My company was just awarded a
$5000 small business grant by Intuit for my true
story on networking and its importance in business.
My entry was one of 50 finalists selected out of
over 2000 entries, so I'm pleased they saw value for
small business owners in what was submitted.
As a finalist, I have decided to ‘practice what I
preach' and network with those whom I know - and may
not know - to earn ratings for my grand prize
submission, which is a $25,000 small business grant.
I have named this my "Me and Three" networking
challenge, which is to ask the receiver of this
email (me) to evaluate and rate my networking
submission, and pass this same email along to 
 or family members to do the same.
With your cooperation, I believe small and large
businesses will benefit by discovering the power of
tapping into their own networks network.
If you are willing to take part in this networking
challenge, here is all you'll need to do, which will
take less than 2 minutes:
Click this link:
You will then see a video of my networking story to
watch, or you can scroll down and read it if you're
in a hurry.
To the right the video, you will see the words "Rate
this video" with little buttons next to the words
‘Inspiring' Useful' ‘Funny'. You can click all 3 of
those, which serve as rating points.
You will then be taken to a screen to sign in to
your Intuit account. If you don't have one, you will
see the box that says: 
New? Create Account...which
will ask for your e-mail address, 
to prevent against
voter fraud.
NOTE:Intuit will allow you to unsubscribe
immediately after casting your vote, and they 
 spam you or sell your email.
If you would like, you can then leave a comment
under the video, or simply click submit. It's that
painless and quick.
After that, please forward this e-mail to three
friends or family members
, and include a little note
at the top asking for their participation, much like
you received from the sender of this e-mail.
I will be writing a case study on this challenge
when voting has concluded May 29th. If you would be
interested in receiving a report, please send me an
e-mail to the following:
Thank you, in advance, for taking time out of your
busy day and participating in my "Me and Three"
Networking challenge.
All the best,

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