Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Off The Hinges

A New Front Door Sheds Light on Love

My husband had put an old front door in our backyard.  I figured it would just sit there like many other projects.  But, it only sat for a week or two before he began the 3 day process that would become my fabulous new door.  

I know you may be thinking- woopty doo a new door- BORING.  But it was the thought and care he took in making the door not only fit into the old, un-squared frame, but that he took the time to make it a door I would love.  He primed and painted it a nice clean white on the exterior.  The white is great, it's fresh and crisp against the blue color.  We chose a blue  that's reminiscent of the deep water off the California coast.  I'm a huge fan of Catalina Island and love the different colors of water I've encountered during my many trips there.

I'm loving the window.  The glass is a little dated, but it lets in so much light that I don't even care.  Before the entrance was just a dark corner that wasn't very inviting.  I smile every time I leave the house.  I also like how the light shines through the window at night helping to light the front of the house even more which is nice when we come home after dark.

But my absolute favorite part of the door is the faux finish on the interior of the door!  My dear sweet husband used a distressing technique to give the door a very shabby chic appearance.  If I had time to actually sit down and decorate our house to my taste it would be Shabby Chic Beach Cottage.  The fact that he took the time to paint the door in a style that I like made me feel so special.  He could've just slapped some white on it and called it a day.  But he kept in mind my taste and design goals and painted that door for ME!!!  I am loved.

So, I got a new door, more light, and a "love note" written in faux finished paint.
Thanks honey- we love you!


  1. That is super sweet!

    And you left me hanging - did your sister compete in fitness or body building?