Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Favorite Photo of Me

A Game of Tag - Put You're Best Face Forward

Telle from Fat Mum Slim tagged StepfordDreams with this fun photo post.

It's really simple. I love how every photo tells a story. Some short stories, some long tales. I want to know what is your favourite photo of yourself. Everyone has one. The photo they look at and smile. It reminds them of something, some time, some place. A moment in time.So share the photo, share the story and then tag three other people. I want to see photos and stories all around the blogosphere.

I knew right away which photo I would use.  It's one from my second pregnancy taken at Venice Beach, CA.  I'm standing on the beach near the breakwater with Santa Monica in the distant background.  A light breeze is lifting pieces of my hair into the air. I'm holding my big, round belly and looking down in deep thought.

At that moment I felt so connected to my baby.  Overwhelmed with joy, excited to meet him and at peace with the world.  At this moment the only two people who mattered in the world were the two of us- mother and child.  A bond that started and will never be broken.  I feel so beautiful and feminine in this photo.  Healthy and full of life.  Yes, this is my favorite photo of me.

tag lovers- you're it:


  1. Hmmm....I'll have to give this some thought.

  2. That's a great photo! Love the scenery ... and the belly.

    Also, I read your comment on the Mom Buzz. Yes, I have reviewed Britax and have a give-away up now if interested. :)